The post Covid-19 economy phases will require an unprecedented ability to manage events between business and consumers. Aggressive and creative use of IoT will enable retail, hospitality, travel, live entertainment and professional sports industries to recover and thrive.

Economic resurgence will require dynamic ‘leap-like’ actions by entrepreneurs to constantly reshuffle combinations of various revenue opportunities and capital resources to instigate sustainability in their physical and online presences. 

Designed as a force multiplier distressed business corridors, we are developing our platform to remove the need for small to medium business owners to be techies for unique ‘future forward’ customer acquisition, loyalty, and experience.

Our integrative project, the Array of Opportunity will demonstrate how emerging businesses, through the lens of synthetic intellect, seamlessly respond to foot traffic, business scheduling, and other events in close proximity to and for successful operation of the business.

XtraMedium’s Array of Opportunity

We can synthesize smart city intelligence for the benefit of communities and entrepreneurs in need of leaping beyond today's economic obstacles to capture competitive ground.  We want to extend our best practices to other economically challenged corridors.  Our outcomes will illustrate how a mini smart city leverages internet connected things, through a combination of tech, policy, and access to make a once distressed community thrive, livable, and technologically immune to disruptive episodes of capital destruction.